About Sarma cave


There are thousands of caves deeper than 100 m, hundreds of caves deeper than 1000 m and singles deeper than 1500 m in the world. It is a dream of every caver just to be in a cave deeper more than 1000 m, and of course take part in its exploration. It is a problem to approach such cave, but more difficult problem is to find an equipped group with enough physical and psychological train for such an action.

Exploration of caves deeper than 1000 m has many physical problems, such as hard rope work in the shafts, searching entrances in obstructions, danger of floods, heavy equipment, etc. In addition, in that kind of expedition everyone needs to know how to live in small group during long period of at least 15 days, in limited spaces with low temperature and high humidity, in shortage of food, light and energy resources.

So only some groups in the world take part in exploration of the deepest caves and every additional meter needs hard work, excellent expedition organization and sometimes just fortune.

Today, Top ten deepest caves in the world are:

1 Voronia Cave (Krubera Cave) Georgia Abkhazia -1710
2 Lamprechtsofen-Vogelshacht Austria Salzburg -1632 50000
3 Gouffre Mirolda / Lucien Bouclier France Haute-Savoie -1616 9379
4 Reseau Jean Bernard France Haute-Savoie -1602 20000
5 Torca del Cerro (del Cuevon) Spain Asturias -1589 2685
6 Sarma Georgia Abkhazia -1530 5455
7 Shakta Vjacheslav Pantjukhina Georgia Abkhazia -1508 5530
8 Ceki 2 (Cehi II)"la Vendetta" Slovenia Rombonski Podi -1480 3959
9 Sistema Huautla Mexico Oaxaca -1475 55953
10 Sistema del Trave (La Laureola) Spain Asturias -1441 9167